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April 15th 2016: Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK. With Lima.
April 4th 2016: Bogen F, Z├╝rich, CH. With Scout Niblett.
April 3rd 2016: Hafen 2, Offenbach am Main, DE.
April 2nd 2016: Swamp, Freiburg, DE.
March 31st 2016: Complex 23, Heilbronn, DE.
March 30th 2016: La Chaouee, Metz, FR.

May 28th 2015: Bongo Club, Edinburgh, UK. Hidden Doors festival with Tomorrow We Sail

May 3rd 2015: The Crescent, Salford, UK. Sounds from the other City festival with Tomorrow We Sail, Lazarus Clamp, Shield Patterns and Fieldhead
April 25th 2015: House Show, Arnhem, NL. With Ormonde
April 24th 2015: La Chaouee, Metz, FR. With Ormonde
April 23rd 2015: 1988 Live Club, Rennes, FR. With Ormonde and Fat Sandwich
April 22nd 2015: Paleizen12, Brussels, BE. With Ormonde
April 20th 2015: Jamm Club, Prague, CZ. With Ormonde, Matemato and Maella
April 18th 2015: Papirna, Pilsen, CZ. With Ormonde and Manon Meurt
April 17th 2015: DiOD, Jihlava, CZ. With Ormonde and Smutecni Slavnost
April 15th 2015: Music Hall, Ramsgate. With Wildwood Jack

February 14th 2015: The Soup Kitchen, Manchester. With Warm Widdow

February 11th 2015: The Old Blue Last, London. With The Comet Line and Masakichi

October 26th 2012: The Shakespeare, Sheffield. With Tomorrow We Sail & The Listeners.
October 25th 2012: Mellowtone at Leaf, Liverpool. With David Hurst. (Live film by Andrew Brooks)
October 24th 2012: Islington Mill, Salford. With Glad Eyes. (Live film by Andrew Brooks)
October 23rd 2012: Wilmington Arms, London. With . (Live film by Andrew Brooks)
October 22nd 2012: The Continental, Preston. (Live film by Andrew Brooks)
April 1st 2012 - The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. With A Rookery and Johnny Powell & the Big Sad Face of Infinity.
March 31st 2012 - The Tudor, Wigan. With Kalbakken.
March 30th 2012 - The Oakwood, Glossop. With Kalbakken.
March 29th 2012 - The Yorkshire House, Lancaster. With The Low Countries and Nancy Kent.
March 28th 2012 - The New Continental, Preston. With Tailgates & Substitutes.
March 27th 2012 - The New Adelphi Club, Kingston-upon-Hull. With Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement and curry.
March 26th 2012 - Band on the Wall, Manchester. With Easter and Vei.
March 25th 2012 - The Portland Arms, Cambridge. With The Doomed Bird of Providence and Violet Woods.
March 24th 2012 - The Half Moon, London. With Terry Bickers & Pete Fij, The Owl Service and Roshi.
March 23rd 2012 - Taylor John's House, Coventry. With The Manatees.
April 28th 2011 - Sacred Trinity, Salford. With The Doomed Bird of Providence and Dave Birchall.
April 23rd 2011 - The Oakwood, Glossop.
April 17th 2011 - The Union Chapel, London. With Samson & Delilah and Kalbakken.
April 11th 2010 - Stereo, York. With Fox N North and Dark Roads.
April 10th 2010 - Cumberland Arms, Newcastle. With Lanters on the Lake and Nev Clay.
April 9th 2010 - Yorkshire House, Lancaster. With Anna Kashfi, Samson & Delilah and Little Hero.
April 8th 2010 - Hole In t'Wall, Hebden Bridge. With Cool Piano Roll.
April 7th 2010 - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds. With Big Eyes Family Players.
April 6th 2010 - Deaf Institute, Manchester. With Samson and Delilah and Goldmundo.
April 4th 2010 - Portland Arms, Cambridge. With The Pony Collaboration and P.P. Dog.
April 3rd 2010 - Union Chapel, London. With Samson & Delilah and Kalbakken
April 1st 2010 - Cross Kings, London. With Semaphore and Lazarus Clamp.
June 12 th 2009 - The Roadhouse, Manchester. With The Drones.
May 31st 2009 - Yorkshire House, Lancaster.
May 30th 2009 - The Shakespeare, Sheffield.
May 27th 2009 - The Adelphi, Hull.
May 24th 2009 - Head of Steam, Newcastle.
May 23rd 2009 - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds.
May 22nd2009 - Buffalo Bar, London.
May 21st 2009 - Tin Angel Records, Coventry.
May 19th 2009 - Dulcimer, Manchester with Great Lake Swimmers.
January 17th 2009. Neil Young night at The Black Lion Hotel, Salford. With Former Bullies, Kalbakken, dbh and many others. We played Hey, hey, my, my, Birds, Cinnamon girl & Down by the river.