Last Harbour - Dead Fires And The Lonely Spark

Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark album

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Release date: 3rd March 2008

The record veers from elegantly orchestrated soundscapes to full-blown electric dramas, encompassing birth, marriage and death along the way. At first, Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark might appear to be concerned primarily with the quiet disintegration of relationships, and it certainly focuses on the violence and tenderness of simple human fallibility. Whilst there is no central narrative or character and each song inhabits its own environment, this collection of songs could thematically be considered a modern ‘play for today', concerned as it is with social and moral conscience. But, it is also about how people are dwarfed by things beyond their control, and how they can be held prisoner or set free by circumstance. Working with producer Richard Formby (Spacemen 3, Herman Dune, Dakota Suite) , Last Harbour have turned their backs on the digital revolution, instead using antique equipment to record in glorious analogue onto 2” tape, creating a warm and atmospheric record.

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